Scriptbank is a Decentralized banking system to help people access banking services based on protocols and no more by human evaluation. You can access loans and get your business funded through investment without visiting any bank but by obeying simple protocols, no human evaluation whatsoever. Scriptbank is a decentralized crediting system as well, and not a Cryptocurrency, that's why it's mining protocols are the ones that support crediting which are Loans, Investments and Depositing. Anyone that holds a valid credit can trade it anywhere using the inbuilt decentralized deposit and withdrawal system that can work with any communication system like Social media, email or sms without Scriptbank. You can also send and receive money using these channels or buy and sell your credits as well. The main idea is to give to all the freedom you deserve in your finances.

Up to $100,000 Bond if you contact me personally using my linked in with this code: SCRIPTMONITOR2024

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